Our core purpose is simply to make our clients happy. We can achieve this core purpose in many ways including helping our clients plan for the future and feel financially secure, solve financial problems or challenges, give them comfort that they are maximising their financial opportunities, helping their family and friends and so on. In short, we want to make you happy. We only care about helping our clients’ achieve their goals and always put their best interest first. We never make any compromises on the quality of the advice we give.

We never advise any client to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves (or advise our family members to do). We do not take risks with our clients’ money. Our financial philosophies are founded on sound, proven fundamentals. We only employ genuine, caring, service-oriented and honest team members that fully embrace our core values (more about our core values next). We know by only focusing on always doing the right thing by our clients that everything else will take care of itself. We love to make our clients happy.


In short, we help our clients make the most of their financial opportunities. This might consist of providing them with one or multiple services; tax advice, financial planning, mortgage broking, investment property strategy, insurance advice, etc. There’s not much that we cannot help with but if anything you need does fall outside our core expertise, we will refer you to the most appropriate professional.


Our experienced team is lead by our founder, Stuart Wemyss. He and his team of highly qualified advisors have over 104 years of combined professional experience with providing sound financial advice founded on proven fundamentals.



We partner with Australia’s leading banks and financial institutions to deliver you the solution that is right for you.




“I would happily recommend ProSolution Private Clients to others looking for a highly professional and efficient service. As a junior doctor buying my first property, I thought that the service that I would receive may be less than those who were seeking greater loan values. However, all of my dealings with ProSolution Private Clients were faultless and I was treated with the upmost professionalism. I plan to use them again for any future purchases and dealings.”

Dr R Taylor, Resident Medical Officer 

“I would highly recommend approaching ProSolution Private Clients as I found their service professional, efficient, and personalised. They also seemed to have an in-depth knowledge of what suited me as a client. They recommended the loan which now in retrospect suits me perfectly. Their ability to negotiate with different lenders is a distinct advantage. This leads to more flexibility as far as the client is concerned and not the rigidity associated with some of the big banks.”

Dr Denzil Daniels , Doctor, Queensland 

“Stuart’s genuine commitment to the loan process was evident from beginning to end. An extremely responsive and committed team made the entire process stress free. Stuart was able to provide us with the best advice to help us reach our goal and ensure that we structured our loan correctly the first time to enable us to increase our investment portfolio in the near future. ProSolution Private Clients is an outstanding example of a World Class Professional Service…”

Katherine M., HR Advisor, Monash Univ.

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We work very hard to earn referrals and they are always treated with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect. We welcome referrals from clients, aligned businesses and professional associations.