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We only care about helping our clients’ achieve their financial and lifestyle goals and always put their best interest first. We never make any compromises on the quality of the advice we give. We never advise any client to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves (or advise our family members to do). We do not take risks with our clients’ money.

Our financial philosophies are founded on sound, proven fundamentals. We only employ genuine, caring, service-orientated and honest team members that fully embrace our core values (more about our core values next). We know by only focusing on always doing the right thing by our clients that everything else will take care of itself. We love to make our clients happy.


Typically, we accept new clients if they are referred to us by an existing client (or professional referral). There are two reasons that we decided to rely heavily on referrals:

  • Our clients are our strongest advocates as they have already experienced how we have helped them, what we stand for and what we are like to work with. We have worked hard to earn their trust and add as much value as possible. Our clients are therefore best placed to judge which of their friends, colleagues and family we can help and are aligned to our core values; and
  • Our entire focus can be on helping our existing clients, not spending time, money and energy looking for new clients. We ask our existing clients to keep an eye out for referral opportunities for us. It is very much in line with our philosophy of looking after our clients and the rest takes care of itself.

We ask our existing clients to introduce us to any people they care about that may benefit from our help.

We realise not all referrals will result in new business for us as you might not know if they want or need our help. We do not measure the quality of a referral by the probability of them doing business with us. We measure the quality of a referral by our capacity to be able to help them. Sometimes we can help a referee (and add lots of value) by simply introducing them to one of our trusted panel of advisors – that’s still a successful referral. The most important thing is we want to deal with like-minded people that share the same core values.

Be assured that we will work very hard to earn your trust and respect so that you feel comfortable referring people to us. The future of our business depends on it.


We work very hard to earn referrals and they are always treated with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect. We welcome referrals from clients, aligned businesses and professional associations.