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“We loath self-serving financial services businesses who are more focused on selling a product and making profit than partnering with their clients and doing what they were entrusted to do; which is to provide honest and quality advice to grow and protect their wealth. Our core purpose is to show the financial services industry how to do it the right way. To build a sustainable business that always put our clients best interest first.”


Core values define an organisation and give it a soul. Core values never change. Core values are never compromised regardless of the consequences to the business – financial or otherwise. We do not ask our team members to adopt our core values. We find and only employ team members that already have and “live” these core values in their personal and professional life. This is what we stand for and we will never compromise on these values.


We always put our clients’ best interest first. When solving our clients problems or providing advice, we put ourselves in our clients shoes and ask “what would we do in the same situation?”. We would never advise a client to do something if we didn’t honestly believe that it was the best solution for them. We know that we only have to focus on doing the right thing and everything else takes care of itself. We are proud that we always put our clients first.


We ask our clients to trust us and we must trust our clients. We put our trust in our fellow team members. We only refer our clients to people that we trust.


We are not scared to challenge the status quo. We are constantly on the look out to find better ways to help our clients. We love innovation and trying new things despite the potential for failure. As individuals and a business, we are constantly learning, growing and evolving.


Treating people with respect and caring for them is important to us. Everyone is different so we must expect and respect diversity. We encourage and help our team members and clients achieve their personal goals. Everyone wants to be respected, cared for and valued.


When dealing with us you will come to expect a high level of professional service. There are certain standards that we maintain including:

  •  We will always be honest and put your interests before ours
  •  We must apologise and make amends if we don’t perform as promised
  •  We will not agree to undertake work outside of our core skills and experience. In this situation we will help you find another advisor to solve your problem (as we have a panel of trusted advisors)
  •  We will always openly welcome your feedback
  •  We will do the utmost to maintain our independence and always disclose any potential conflicts of interest as soon as they arise
  •  We will listen to you and take time to understand your needs before offering a solution
  •  We will show you genuine care,empathy and concern for your financial wellbeing.

If at any time you feel that we are not upholding these standards we expect you to tell us and appreciate the feedback.


We work very hard to earn referrals and they are always treated with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect. We welcome referrals from clients, aligned businesses and professional associations.