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Typically, a client’s needs and priorities change as they get close to retirement or if  they are already in retirement. In this situation, you need to adopt a more conservative investment approach as capital preservation starts to become more important than capital appreciation. We can assist with providing you with independent financial advice as we have no vested interest in the advice outcome. That is, we do not receive any commissions, referrals fees and any financial or non-financial benefits from any investment or super products or property investments. This preserves our independence. Click on the topic below that interests you.

Buy property

You should proceed with caution when buying property in your 60s and beyond – particularly if you need to borrow to complete the acquisition. Whilst there are lenders that will consider providing a 30 year mortgage at this age, it is important to consider whether it’s prudent to borrow. Apart from that, the same rules typically apply to a property acquisition at this age i.e. buying an investment-grade property is still just as important. We can help you through this important decision.

To learn more download our investment-grade property checklist below or contact us to arrange a complimentary meeting today.


Prepare for retirement

Whether you are approaching retirement or already started, we can help you develop a plan to ensure you have enough assets and income to enjoy a comfortable retirement. One of the key risks we need to consider is your longevity risk – in simple terms – the risk that you outlive your financial resources. That is why it’s important to have an astute mix of growth and defensive (income) style assets – whilst managing your risk.

When seeking advice, it is critical that your advisor has no vested interest in the advice outcomes. Put simply, make sure the Advisor has nothing to sell you (i.e. doesn’t earn commissions from selling super funds, shares, managed funds or property). ProSolution does not generate any revenue or benefits from any investments so we are able to provide absolutely conflict-free advice.

If you would like to have a complimentary meeting to discuss how we can work together and provide you with independent strategic financial advice, contact us today.


Help my children / grandchildren

You might be considering providing your children or grandchildren with some financial assistance. There are many matters to consider with this, including any impact on your personal cash flow and financial security, estate planning matters, protecting intergenerational wealth from possible relationship breakdowns and so on.

If you would like to explore some strategies to provide financial assistance to your family, please contact us today for a confidential discussion.


Review my super

Your super balance could possibly reach its maximum in your 60’s (depending on how much you are drawing each year). As such, percentage based admin and investment fees become even more important to minimise.  Did you know that a relatively small difference in fees could reduce your super balance by 70%?

This blog discusses how important it is to minimise super (admin and investment) fees to around 0.20% p.a. – particularly as your balance increases as percentage fees start to really add up. Secondly, you should probably sack the investment experts – Warren Buffett says most investment experts are far better at generating high fees as opposed to high returns. Instead, we believe that you should adopt a passive (index) investment philosophy which has been proven to generate higher returns in the long run (with substantially lower fees) as discussed in this blog. However, your asset allocation is probably your most important investment decision – particularly in retirement as the number one priority should be to never lose money (i.e. capital preservation).

We don’t receive any commissions or any other benefits from recommending any super funds. Therefore, we can independently guide you through the myriad of superannuation options that are available to you.

If you would like us to conduct a complimentary review of your super fund fees, please contact us today.


I’m not sure what I need help with

We understand that sometimes it difficult to know exactly what you need help with. As the saying goes; you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. With that in mind we invite you to book a complimentary meeting with us where we will take the time to learn about your financial circumstances and life goals and share some ideas with you on how you could maximise your financial opportunities.

If appropriate, we will articulate how we can work together to help you with your financial journey. Our caring and friendly approach is completely focused on your needs and is not “salesy”. We will only contact you after our initial meeting if you request it.

If you would like us to book a complimentary meeting, please contact us today.