Did you know that a relatively small difference in fees could reduce your super balance by 70%?

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We can check what fees you are paying if you like?

As an existing client of ProSolution, we want to look after you so we are happy to check your Super Fund at no cost to you and we will tell you what it’s costing you. We’ll sort through all the fees and calculate how much extra in fees you might be paying (now and into the future like we did in the case study above). If possible, we’ll look at returns and give you some comparisons. And we will summarise this in a simple two-page report. If you would like us to do this, simply email Kristy Dishon today and she will get started with helping you make some smart superannuation decisions.

If it looks like we can save you money and you are interested, we can prepare more detailed advice as part of a new financial advice services we are launching – but before we get that far, allow us the opportunity to demonstrate value first. It costs you nothing to take a closer look.