New: Rules of the Lending Game

Rules of Lending Game

How to master the game of lending to invest in property.

Most property investment strategies rely heavily on an investor’s ability to access borrowings. The more you can (safely) borrow, the more property you can buy, and therefore the more wealth you can build. However, being locked out of the lending market will put the brakes on your investment plans.

Therefore, it is critical that all investors learn the rules of the lending game. The banks set the rules, and they can no longer be bent or broken. Those that learn the rules and how to use them to their advantage, will win the property investment game.

Stuart’s latest book comprehensively covers all the rules of the lending game including how to:

– safely maximise your borrowing capacity,
– position yourself as a low risk broker to the banks,
– correctly structure investment loans,
– use mortgages to reduce your taxes,
– maximise bank valuations of your properties,
– strategies for first-time buyers,
– build a financing strategy to achieve your goals,
– a detailed checklist of all the key points from each chapter and much more.

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