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Our clients are honest and friendly people that value the professional advisory relationship we have developed together founded on mutual respect and trust. They want to make the most of their financial opportunities in a safe and smart manner (i.e. not interested in ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes or risky investments) and are open and willing to listen to our advice. Below is a taste of the testimonials we receive from clients that have worked with our firm. Please click on the white bar towards the bottom of this page to show all testimonials.

Testimonials/ratings are now on Google: Please note that we note that beginning mid-2021, we have directed all clients that would like to leave us a testimonial to Google, see selection below. As such, this page will no long be updated.


I was referred to ProSolution by family and utilised their mortgage broking and advice service to secure the loan for my first home. Jodi, Paul and Mark were professional and provided frank advice that maximised my financial position. The team managed the whole process and made it streamlined and easy to understand, which was exactly what I was after. They were also able to provide a referral for a buyers advocate with knowledge of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, who I engaged and couldn’t have been happier with. Now moving in, I don’t believe I would’ve had such success without ProSolution’s assistance.
Nathan Partenza (July 2021)

The ProSolution provided a full end to end service in securing finance for our investment strategy. Jodi’s level of support is second to none. Highly recommend the Pro Solution team and the service they go above and beyond to deliver.
Alexander McCallum (July 2021)

The ProSolution team helped us to re-structure an existing loan and to get a new loan for an investment property. Jodi and her team were very helpful, efficient, and responded promptly to our emails and phone calls without fail. It was reassuring to know we had the help at hand whenever we needed it. We would not hesitate to recommend the ProSolution team, and we would use again.
Miriam Miles (June 2021)

Highly recommend, ProSolution provide a fantastic service. They are very professional, easy to deal with and very knowledgeable in their field.
Carl Di Nuzzo (May 2022)

The team at ProSolution are responsive and great to deal with. They helped make my loan application as smooth a process as possible, and I feel they achieved a very competitive interest rate on my new loan.
Aaron van der Heyden (February 2021)

2020 Testimonials

We are grateful to have the team at ProSolution looking after our financial needs. Keeping it simple by serving as a one stop shop, for the different financial services we require. We look forward to the mutually beneficial relationship continuing long into the future.
Nathan Campbell (January 2021)

This is the second time I have used ProSolution to apply for mortgages and they have got what I required on both occasions. My loan situation is not entirely straight forward, so the expertise they can provide when instructing you on how to set things up and what you can be approved for is invaluable. I highly recommend the ProSolution team and will certainly be using them again myself.
Paul Pitman (December 2020)

Jodi and the team did an excellent job arranging my refinancing, including managing the unusual features of my property that make it more challenging to use as security. Highly recommended.
Sarah Daniell  (December 2020)

ProSolution have always provided a brilliant service. They are very professional, easy to deal with and always have time to answer your questions. I’d recommend them wholeheartedly.
Ben Lalor (December 2020)

Stuart and the team at ProSolution have continued to provide proactive advice as well as respond to questions and queries in a timely manner. We would highly recommend their service to anyone interested in professional long term financial planning.
Mark Gray (November 2020)

ProSolution has made the purchase of my first home a wonderful experience! Thank you Jodi and ProSolution staff for your outstanding advice, care and efficient communication.
Amy Nicholson (August 2020)

Wonderful efficient service; attention to detail and accurate.
Rob (July 2020)

We have been with ProSolution for over 15 years and have found them easy to work with in organising our mortgages. It has an excellent team – Jodi has been very helpful in discussing things with us, providing direction and assistance when we have need over the last many years – or pointed us in the right direction. We haven’t changed because they have been consistently excellent.
Dr Lincoln Rothwell  (July 2020)

ProSolution has made the purchase of our first property streamlined, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. Without their guidance, I don’t think we would have been successful.
David Fairless (June 2020)

I have been using ProSolution for 13 years now and they have helped me with financing multiple times. The service provided by Jodi and the team is always professional, prompt and second to none. They make the whole process so easy and seamless. I would highly recommend ProSolution!
Ozhan Hassan (June 2020)

ProSolution was recommended to me by a friend who has used them for nearly 10 years. I decided to seek their assistance to obtain home loan finance. They were extremely helpful and very responsive to all of my calls and emails. Presented all of the different options and didn’t have any pushy sales tactics / hidden fees or commissions. Everything from them was upfront and honest. I would highly recommend this team and will use them again in the future.
Paul Cole (April 2020)

Stuart and his team provide an excellent service that reduces the stress associated with finances generally and the purchase of my new property in particular. The team and very helpful, obliging and make potentially complex things simple.
Peter Keen (April 2020)

Friendly, professional brokers who respond quickly and follow up your requests. They have good relations with the banks and can provide discounts and are knowledgeable in the industry.
Lars Hoogvliet (March 2020)

ProSolution have re-structured our loans and for us the saving will be significant in the coming years. As busy people with young kids we would never have achieved this kind of saving on our own.
Sarah Finlayson (March 2020)

This is the most significant financial step I have taken in my life. I was amazed that even with no face to face contact everything went incredibly smoothly. I wish I contacted ProSolution Private Clients and read Stuart’s books years ago as I am now aware of how much better a position, I could have now been in. However, I am glad I followed the recommendation of some trusted friends and feel I am now on a path to greater financial independence. Jodi, Jodie and Chris were incredibly helpful and responsive in guiding me through the process.
Darrin (March 2020)

I was initially hesitant in moving from one bank to another. I figured it was going to be messing and time consuming. Fortunately, the staff at ProSolution held my hand all the way through the process. This was just as well as I don’t know how I would have managed it on my own!
Mark Gray (March 2020)

The team were very efficient, replied quickly, always available, friendly, upfront with information and advice, and pushed things along when required.
Prisca Smith (Feb 2020)

The team at ProSolution got the job done with the minimum of fuss and input from my end. Although there were challenges in securing the loans with the bank, it all appeared to go through quite seamlessly from my perspective. Well done ladies!
Anna Martiniello (January 2020)

I found ProSolution through reading Stuart’s book Investopoly and listening to his podcasts. After reaching out to Stuart, he has demonstrated integrity by giving his honest financial advice even if he did not stand to benefit from giving such advice. Jodi’s team has successfully helped me obtain an investment loan. Her team is very prompt and responsive in answering all my many questions as a first-time property investor. I will also continue to use ProSolution’s accountancy services with Mena’s assistance. I trust that ProSolution is really acting in my interests as their client and I would not hesitate to continue to engage their services.
Chung Ki Chiu (January 2020)

2019 Testimonials

Jodie, Jodi and Mark have recently helped us to refinance our home loan and purchase an investment property. We have used ProSolution in the past and have always been happy with their efficient service. They are always helpful and courteous, reply to queries promptly and keep you updated with regular emails. We would not hesitate to recommend them, and we will be using their services again.
Allison Simpson (December 2019)

Jodi and Jodie helped guide us through the loan application process. All my queries were answered in a timely fashion. Due to the current stringent lending policies, the amount of paperwork for a loan application is quite onerous. They managed to streamline the process as much as possible. I highly recommend ProSolution for trustworthy advice.
Dr Kavi Thancanamootoo (December 2019)

We have used Pro Solutions many times over 15 years and have referred them to friends often. Their service standards, timeliness & follow up is exceptional.
Michael Zaicek (December 2019)

My sincere thanks to the entire ProSolution team for helping out in my financial planning – Stuart for providing his astute strategy insights, Kristy for taking good care of my insurances, Mena for answering even my most basic accounting queries, Jodi and Jodie for successfully processing both my refinance and investment property loans. They all have been great independent advisors, and I am happy to recommend them to anyone who is serious about their financial goals.
Raj Pachaiappan (November 2019)

Jodi and her team recently arranged an investment loan for me. From start to finish, the service was exemplary. I was informed and kept up to date throughout the whole process. Emails and phone call queries were always answered promptly and courteously. Most importantly, in this difficult lending environment, they got the job done with minimal fuss, and this has allowed me to secure an excellent investment in a timely manner with little stress. I would highly recommend Jodi and her team to anyone looking to secure finance.
Dr Siew Yin Then (November 2019)

We have no hesitation recommending Stuart and the team at ProSolution to prospective future clients. They have integrity, are reliable and trustworthy. Stuart was able to provide us with financial advice that we feel confident was in our best interest, and fully understood. Thanks, ProSolution!
Ryan and Cara Cox (November 2019)

Highly recommend the services of ProSolution. They were able to deliver the right product to enable our home investment and did so with a high degree of professionalism.
John Parshotamdas (November 2019)

I used ProSolution’s mortgage broking service for our most recent property purchase. Both Jodi & Jodie were fantastic to deal with and provided clear, helpful and prompt communication through the entire process. I was also impressed by how comprehensive and detailed the credit advice and options provided by Jodi were at the beginning of the process. I have no problem recommending ProSolution to anyone needing a quality mortgage broker!
Tim Mitchell (October 2019)

I was assisted primarily by Cathy and Jodie. I found them to be very professional, very efficient in making contact and always appeared to be on top of things at all times. Couldn’t be happier with the level of service.
Brett Barratt (October 2019)

The ProSolution team helped us model and execute on a plan that cut across all financial aspects of our lives and implications as it relates to our long-term wealth plan and investment changes to keep us on track. The seeds of this included acting on Stuart’s advice to lock in loan value when you can rather than when you need it.
Sandy Woolley (September 2019)

Great leadership and team. Very prompt in their correspondence!
Somnath Sakthisekaran (August 2019)

I think what I had answered in the previous question says it all with a little end note. What is valuable to me is efficiency, ease of contact and confidence that I have finance advice from people in my corner. This is what I have experienced with pro solutions and I feel secure in my investment of this knowledge. I’d recommend pro solutions to others. Great job Jodi, Stuart and your supportive team.
Jacki Garland (July 2019)

I have used ProSolution for two properties now and will continue to use their support as they make the whole bank approval and house purchasing process much smoother. Cathy and Jodie were very helpful and responsive. We didn’t need to stress as knew they had everything under control – they kept us in the loop and made sure we got everything in on time. We’re very happy with the service we received and would recommend them to others.
Hannah Meade and Daniel Forde (July 2019)

ProSolution’s were fantastic & went over and above to meet all our requirements requested. They looked after our home loans, life insurance & any other financial issues we had. Thanks
Stephen Welbedagt (July 2019)

I have used ProSolution numerous times over the last ten years and have always been happy with their service. They are very professional and helpful, and I trust the advice they provide me.
Adrian Fong (March 2019)

ProSolution made the process of searching and buying a house so much easier. They always had our back and provided a great level of service from advice to mortgage broking to moral support! I’ve already recommended them to my friends.
Robert Hall (March 2019)

We are grateful to be clients of ProSolution – a team of experts who are fiercely independent and act with their clients’ best interests at heart.
Christine & Gavin Fleer (March 2019)

Cathy and Jodie’s assistance throughout the process of buying our family home was invaluable – supportive and responsive every step of the way.
Samantha Hall (March 2019)

After many years and many property transactions, ProSolution are the best mortgage brokerage service I have ever used.
Bradley Snell (March 2019)

I don’t have a lot of experience in applying for loans, but ProSolution guided me through the process and helped me attain a loan. It would have been a very stressful experience for me without them, but they made it all go very smoothly.
Darcy Morecroft (February 2019)

Jodi and Jodie have been wonderful in assisting me in getting a home loan and provided me advice on loan structure, insurances, etc. They were efficient and communicated very well. Highly recommend their services. I was very well looked after.
Dr Nelly lee (February 2019)

We have been using ProSolution for years. Jodi McKeown and Jodi Hallmark have been assisting us for years. They are a great team. Reliable efficient easy to get hold off – easy to talk to and we can’t recommended them enough.
Dr Lincoln Rotherwell (Jan 2019)

Thank you so much for your help for the entire process. You’ve bee so patient, helpful and nice to us especially when we were confused and clueless about how things work. I know we’re not particularly a major client but in the future I would love to seek you out for help again if we ever need to.
Gigi Tony (January 2019)

2018 Testimonials

ProSolution identified the price range I could afford to purchase an investment property and found the right lender for my needs. The team provided solutions that were in my best interest, followed up with prompt and efficient service. Thank you ProSolution team!
Sandi Homer (December 2018)

If you want results with consultants that are friendly, understanding and vigilant to get you to your goals, I can’t recommend ProSolution enough.
Firat Denizoglu (December 2018)

The team at ProSolution went above and beyond in helping us refinance and consolidate our loans. I couldn’t have asked for better service. We had a unique situation in that we were moving from overseas to Australia and they were so patient with us! Thanks so much we will be sure to work with you again in the future.
Alexandra Frankel (December 2018)

Jodie and team at ProSolution did a great job brokering loan and the challenges that were encountered. Very customer service friendly and proactive. Would highly recommend using their services.
Paul Petrulis (November 2018)

We have been using ProSolution Private Clients for the past couple of years after being referred by a friend. The service is prompt, professional and informative. Jodie was great with our most recent home loan upgrade and I would highly recommend this company!
Jesse Nastaly (November 2018)

When needing finance, I would have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution. Jodi has been thorough and extremely helpful also I might point out easy to understand in these tough financial times. Thank You.
Cyril Saunders (November 2018)

With 10 years to retirement we were totally confused about what our financial situation was. We are so glad Stuart at ProSolution was recommended to us. Stuart is very easy to talk to and we trusted his advice. Refinancing was made simple with the help of ProSolution staff who were always available to answer any questions and they made the whole process easy for us. They are experts and great communicators which is always a help. Thank you so much ProSolution staff. We have implemented the changes recommended by Stuart and we are already saving money!
Christine Ferrier (October 2018)

As a first home buyer I wanted to ensure that I was receiving the right advice at every stage of the buyer journey. Pro Solution supported from day one, with home loan types and providers as well as credible supplier recommendations. I felt confident in decision making based on the financial options presented to me by Pro Solution. Pro Solution team members, Jodi McKeown and Jodie Hallmark were with me every step of the way, putting the customer first not the banks.
Louise Osborne (October 2018)

ProSolution have provided professional, responsive, and clear advice to me and other family members as well as offering levels of support tailored to my current financial situation and investment needs.
Ros Lethbridge (October 2018)

We have used ProSolution for years. We have always gone back to them even though we don’t live in the same city nor have we ever bought in Melbourne. They have a seamless service and we love that we can deal with the same people all the time.
Dr Manju Chandrasegaram (October 2018)

The ProSolution’s team did a great job working through the issues and finding solutions. Any queries or issues were dealt with. Definitely would use ProSolution’s again.
Peter Keen (October 2018)

This is the 4th time we have used Pro Solution to assist us in sorting out the finance to purchase a property. We are always kept informed throughout the entire process and the finance side of buying is made so easy.
Lyndon Sparrow (October 2018)

ProSolution provided excellent service to us. Not only that they take care of our financial matters on regular basis, when the time came for us to purchase investment property they took care of every single step – from helping us select an advisor to find a property, securing mortgage and legal matters to finding tenants. Each stage went smoothly, they were on top of everything all the time. Absolutely worry free for the two of us. Highly recommended!
Drs Aleks and Sasha Mirkovic (September 2018)

We’ve bought several properties with the assistance of ProSolution, and with Jodi, Jodie, and Kacie’s great work and advice, we’ve managed to achieve our property goals with minimal stress! We purchased a property without pre-approval or any banking documents and they managed the seemingly impossible by ensuring our purchase and settlement were successful and as stress-free as possible. Their communication is superb, and they were able to facilitate the loans we required without too much effort on our part and also managed to achieve a fantastic interest rate! They liaised brilliantly with our lawyer and I was kept up to date with the progress of our loan application all the way to settlement. Jodi’s advice with regards to how to structure our loan was spot-on. I have and will continue to highly recommend ProSolution! Thank you, Stuart, Jodi and the team for your brilliant work!
Dr Julie Son (September 2018)

Jodie and Kacie provided excellent support with my refinance in a challenging circumstance. Their advice was clear and concise.
Daniel Churilov (August 2018)

Jodi was amazing in helping us navigate the confusion of first home buying. She was always quick to respond to queries and no question was too small or too stupid. We are so grateful for a seamless home buying experience thanks largely to ProSolution.
Alexandra Walker (August 2018)

We are very happy with the service provided, always efficient and helpful, responding quickly to all our concerns. Highly recommended.
Allison Simpson (August 2018)

ProSolution went above and beyond to guide me through a complicated mortgage transfer involving several stakeholders. They show outstanding professionalism and knowledge of an industry that is not always easy to understand. I am a repeat client of this organisation and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Davina Macdonell (August 2018)

ProSolution has exceeded our expectations. The only thing I regret is that we did not make the transition to your wealth management services years ago.
Janet & Geoffrey Fairless (July 2018)

I have dealt with ProSolution for 10 years getting property mortgages and have never been disappointed. They are efficient, knowledgeable and excellent communicators.
Dr Lincoln Rothwell (June 2018)

ProSolution have been working at investment and loan solutions for us for close to 10 years. We have a trust in them to look out for the best independent solutions to our needs.
Dan Magree (June 2018)

ProSolution provided a very efficient and courteous service. They displayed knowledge of the products and services we were seeking and were very proactive in keeping us updated and informed throughout our engagement. Thanks, and well done to Stuart’s team.
Jim Miles (June 2018)

I’d like to express my gratitude to both Cathy and Kacie for looking after my personal finances. Out of all the finance applications I have lodged in my life, this was by far the most flawless, seamless process I have ever experienced. Additionally, one of the requests in my application was a request that, in the current market conditions, is not favoured by most major banks however it was approved without a hitch thanks to Cathy and Kacie who used their knowledge and experience to put forward my case which as a result delivered a successful outcome. Thank you, Cathy and Kacie, for your efforts by taking the stress out of the process. This is every client’s dream.
Marie Dalamagas (June 2018)

As a first-time buyer I was blissfully unaware of the perils of loan applications and finance in general. The team at ProSolution took all the pain out of process with their efficiency, accessibility and professionalism. I don’t think I could have completed my settlement in the short time that was required without them. It really felt like I had a team of highly qualified people who had my back, which I think in an age of profit over quality of service is hard to find. Many thanks!
Nigel Gamage (May 2018)

ProSolution assisted us with our property acquisition by linking us immediately to a network of likeminded professionals, all of whom interacted with each other to help simplify complex issues and maximise efficiency.
John & Francesca (May 2018)

I highly recommend the team at ProSolution. The staff are very professional and responsive.
Amit Sheelwant (April 2018)

The ProSolution team provides a very high quality and reliable service.
Therese Cotter (March 2018)

Thanks again Prosolution for another efficient and smooth transaction, by a team of experienced staff who know exactly what I want and need financially. I really appreciate not having to “chase” you to get things done. May ProSolution continue to grow in influence and prosperity!
Dr Kevin Choong (March 2018)

What I like about the service is that since set up the original loan there has been an annual review to ensure I continue to receive the best possible deal. This led to me refinancing the loan this year to obtain a much better interest rate.
Rohan Elliott (February 2018)

We are time poor and ProSolution did a great job reviewing the most appropriate loan product for us, managing the loan approval and preapproval process and answering our questions promptly! Thank you for making the purchase and settlement process a smooth one for us!
Tammy Tang (February 2018)

I was recommended to Stuart & the ProSolution team by a friend. I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism of Stuart’s team, and the quality of advice provided.
David Everingham (February 2018)

We always received prompt and personal advice at any time. There’s a high level of professionalism across the board and it’s great to have all the financial services we need under the one roof.
George Tosi (February 2018)

Thanks Jodi and the team for handling my refinance request promptly including negotiating a great rate on my behalf and keeping me up to date on proceedings.
Nigel Wells-Jansz (February 2018)

ProSolution have given us a good long-term financial plan – tailored to our needs/ambitions – and the support to execute this has been thorough, professional and patient. Navigating the application for mortgages, etc. has been much easier for Jodie(s) assistance.
Steve Jones & Ruth Hope-Jones (February 2018)

Stuart and his team will help you clarify your financial position, give you strategies and then guide you through them. I recommend Stuart and his team at ProSolution.
Dr Andrew Tucker (January 2018)

Good advice is no longer hard to find! Stuart and the team’s holistic approach, industry knowledge along with their open, clear and unbiased communication has been a breath of fresh air.
Blake England (January 2018)

I have now used ProSolution to arrange our home loans for a number of different properties. The process is very easy and convenient. I am happy to recommend this service.
Dr Kurien Mamootil (January 2018)

2017 Testimonials

I am extremely appreciative of what ProSolution has done for me. As someone who is not familiar financing, everything was explained clearly. The team is extremely efficient and transparent. I would absolutely recommend ProSolution services to anyone.
Shaun Wang (December 2017)

Such great service. Friendly and approachable, answer all my ‘silly’ questions without ever making me feel hopeless. Everyone is very efficient and organised. I trust the advice we have been given, and we’re feeling confident with the direction we’re going.
Jo Bluhm (November 2017)

I have been a client of ProSolution for more than ten years and as a Chartered Accountant I appreciate the professionalism and discretion shown by all of the team.
Lorrae Colins (October 2017)

ProSolution are always extremely responsive to all my enquiries (be they new mortgages, refinances, or other financial queries). They just helped me get a new mortgage in testing circumstances within a very short settlement period – very impressed with all of their help with this one and highly recommend them!
Amanda Hutchings (October 2017)

ProSolution provided great advice on the best lender for my circumstances, and helped ensure my loan was approved within a very short settlement period.
Xavier Verhoeven (October 2017)

Jodi and the team provided a great service during our refinancing and loan applications. Very professional, thorough and always friendly approach.
Anthony Alexander (September 2017)

Very pleased with the professional approach and the knowledgeable staff at ProSolution.
Dr Robyn Guymer & Mr Graeme Harris (September 2017)

I have used ProSolution for 3 property purchases and have been consistently impressed by their efficient, professional, comprehensive advice. Despite the lack of face to face contact (I live in regional NSW), working with ProSolution is significantly easier than working directly with my local bank- they understand the demands of my professional and family life and made each transaction seamless.
Drs Chris & Elizabeth Moeskops (September 2017)

ProSolution did a fantastic job. They kept me informed at every step of the way. Good automated systems to email and message me updates, Jodi and Jodie were extremely helpful
Michael Keogh (August 2017)

I got into some serious tax problems by failing to keep up with my obligations. I felt foolish, but realised I needed help, and reached out to ProSolution, with whom I had had some contact in the past. The staff from ProSolution were wonderful in the way they understood my issues, and the proactive way they approached my problems. They worked hard to get me back on track, dealt with the ATO, restructured my loans, and interceded with the ATO to minimise the penalties I was expecting to pay. Their friendly professionalism, their prompt responses, and their hard work behind the scenes to get the results I wanted, made the whole process easy for me. I can thoroughly recommend ProSolution. They truly have their clients’ best interests at heart.
Dr Richard Smith (July 2017)

ProSolution are diligent and timely. They are able to make complicated transactions as seamless as possible.
Dr Chris Reid (June 2017)

I could not be more pleased with all at ProSolution. Since I met them I feel so positive about my finances. The planning and advice have been first class and this was followed up by incredible support. I could always ask questions and request help. The team is efficient, professional and really care about what they are doing. If I was tardy, they promoted me and this was much appreciated. Cathy, Jodie and Kristy are all wonderful. Stuart is very available, a pleasure to work with and I love his decisive manner. ProSolution are honest and I am very grateful I found them.
Dr Jen Dakis (June 2017)

Finding the right loan for our circumstances was daunting. ProSolution managed this for us in a helpful professional manner.
Sharyn Cameron (June 2017)

The Jodi(e)s at ProSolution were really great at narrowing down the options available and picking out the right package for us.
Liam Branagan and Harmony Bax (June 2017)

This is not the first time ProSolution have assisted me in setting up and loan. On every occasion, their service and attention to detail goes above and beyond. If you require any assistance in this area I cannot recommend them highly enough. Until next time. Thanks Jodi and the team.
Dr Rodney Edward (June 2017)

ProSolution have yet again provided a fantastic service in assisting us with our property purchase. They have been great to work with and I would recommend them without hesitation.
Ben Lalor (June 2017)

ProSolution are always so kind and helpful in their advice – and are always willing to answer our questions when things don’t make sense. We feel like we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips.
Daniel Ogden & Sasha Dobson (May 2017)

Excellent services provided by ProSolution. Very flexible with meeting my individual requirements as a client. I felt supported throughout the whole process and would recommend ProSolution to my family and closest friends!
Jesse Nastaly (May 2017)

Pro solutions were personable and easy to deal with. They answered all our questions and were prompt with their replies.
John Muskovits (April 2017)

We have just settled on our 5th investment property with ProSolution; and about to start on the 6th. I would not entertain going elsewhere. The trust is implicit. The advice is professional and sound.
Anna Martiniello (April 2017)

Thank you to the team at ProSolution for assisting me with my recent finance application. My circumstances were somewhat complicated which made it difficult to obtain the required finance. With the creative help of ProSolution and their ability to think outside the box, they were able to get my finance approved and the whole process was quick and easy. I’ve been using ProSolution for 10 years now and would highly recommend them!
Ozhan (April 2017)

This is the 3rd home loan we have utilised ProSolution’s services for, they are always professional, keep you informed throughout the whole process and nothing is too much to ask.
Lyndon Sparrow (April 2017)

A truly excellent and unparalleled level of service, efficiency, and professionalism. This is why I’ve been with ProSolution for so long.
Dr Steven Koh (April 2017)

Prosolution provided us with the means to get the best rate on our mortgage without having to compromise on the quality of service.
Catherine Jackson (March 2017)

I am very pleased with my decision to use ProSolution for advice in purchasing an investment property. At all times communication was excellent and the interest rate that they obtained for my loan was significantly lower than I was able to source for myself. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Lisa Moloney (March 2017)

Stuart, Jodi and the team at ProSolution were extremely professional and precise in assisting us with our new financial future. As recent newlyweds with different assets, insurance policies and incomes they were able to recommend a plan that not only set us up for the long-term, protected our earnings & income but also set in place a sensible, conservative and predictable plan moving towards parenthood, hence moving to a 1 income family. The depth of knowledge across the team is strong and it was a relief to know that everyone was inline and across our circumstances and requirements. We both believe that one of the savviest investments we have made so far was in meeting the team at ProSolution….sounds like a cliché but we think we’re smart for doing it ?
Karl & Samara D (February 2017)

Efficient in their approach and able to recommend different structures according to different stages of life. Easy to work with. Advice that you can trust.
Dr Kavi Thancanamootoo (February 2017)

ProSolution’s was approach was very professional and simplified the process of finding the right loan. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend their services.
Dieter Schmid (February 2017)

ProSolution staff, always just a phone call away with a definite ‘can do’ attitude. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Jen Millard (February 2017)

Thank you for the excellent service in helping us find a more suitable mortgagee. We were so happy with the prompt, friendly and professional service and would highly recommend ProSolution to all.
Tracie Kaye (January 2017)

I got great service from the team at ProSolution. They were always quick to reply to any questions and to gather information to get the best loan for my situation.
Sarah Fourie (January 2017)

I would highly recommend ProSolution as they are very professional in their approach and they are able to recommend the right structure. We have been with them for 8 years and they have looked after us. ProSolution are our partners in creating wealth and looking after our needs.
Ishwar Parshotamdas (January 2017)

ProSolution were professional and efficient in organising our home loan within a tight deadline. We really appreciated the frequent updates on our application process, and they delivered when we were getting no where with numerous lenders. Would highly recommend them!
Rishay Naidoo (January 2017)

2016 Testimonials

I highly recommend ProSolution. They are efficient, knowledgeable and look after their clients in a professional but personable way.
Lisa Moloney (December 2016)

ProSolution have always been seamless in providing their services. They are prompt and professional. They have always been responsive in seeking out the best deal for my needs and have always ensured that I feel like a valued client. I look forward to continuing to use their services in the future.
Heather Willis (December 2016)

I found the service and advice provided by Stuart and the team at ProSolution to be exactly what myself and my wife needed to build our retirement savings. At all times, they were empathetic, professional, knowledgeable, and provided well thought-out advice. I only wish I had have found them years ago!
John Doornbusch & Vicki Barnes (November 2016)

Stuart, Jodi and the team have now assisted us with our third investment property purchase, and we would like to thank them for their well-informed advice and genuine interest in our personal situation, which continues well passed the settlement dates. They demonstrate a keen focus on the mortgage markets and the various players in the field, complementing this with an eye for detail for guiding transactions through hassle free.
Michael and Rose (September 2016)

ProSolution made the loan process incredibly streamlined, way more effortless than we could have imagined. All steps were handled in an efficient and professional manner. The knowledge and expertise of the team is always evident, giving us a huge sense of reassurance.
Dr Alex Kerr and Rowan Cox (September 2016)

Initially we used ProSolution to establish our banks loans and this time around they helped us to refinance the loans. Stuart and his staff still remain an extremely cohesive and client driven team that genuinely aim to deliver the best result for their clients in a super timely manner. It would be hard to find a better team elsewhere.
Brenda & Ian (September 2016)

ProSolutions took the headache out of dealing with banks, researching the market and constructing a foundation for my financial future. Very impressed with the professionalism and ease of working with them.
Julia Longmuir (August 2016)

The team at Prosolution provided excellent service, good follow up and reliable advice. My loans were restructured in an efficient manner.
Peter Rigopoulos (August 2016)

For our very first investment property, Cathy and Kacie were both there right from the start, holding our hands and taking the time to answer our numerous questions, ensuring we understood each step. Thank you both for all your time and patience, your advice and support throughout the process was invaluable.
Porlyna Hong (August 2016)

For seamless bridging finance I highly recommend the efficiency of the staff at ProSolution Private Clients.
Julie Thomson (July 2016)

Stuart and his team are true professionals. Their advice is first class. I would happily recommend ProSolution to any prospective client looking for a trusted financial advisor.
Tim Lewin (July 2016)

ProSolution have been assisting me for many years and I have always been very happy with the service provided. I have recommended ProSolution to family and friends without hesitation.
Ben Lalor (July 2016)

Once again, the service I was provided by the credit advisory and broking team was excellent. ProSolution have now helped me with financing multiple times and due to the service I will be a client for many more years to come.
Ben Garraway (June 2016)

I continually get the best customer service possible. The team I dealt with – Cathy & Kacie – always go above and beyond. They’re professional, incredibly helpful, friendly and know their field well. I highly recommend ProSolution to anyone looking for advice or assistance. The team is the best.
Nic Claase (June 2016)

My wife and I have used ProSolution’s service for nearly a decade and have always found them to be prompt, professional and well-informed. With ProSolution working for us we feel like our interests are being looked after first and foremost, and I feel like we can trust them to provide us with the right information and advice every time. I would highly recommend Stuart and his team.
Christian Brenner(June 2016)

Jodi is a very knowledgeable advisor who was willing to assist in every way possible. I was also always kept well informed during the borrowing process and was able to easily make contact almost immediately whenever I needed assistance. Jodie is also very friendly and approachable and helped enormously along the way! Thanks ?
Cassie Carnovale (May 2016)

Jodi, was efficient and helpful in getting my loan application completed with a minimal amount of fuss. If only she could organise my reno now!!
Jerome Peyton (May 2016)

Jodi and Jodie assisted us with the refinancing of a number of property loans at very competitive rates and provided prompt and informative advice and action in helping us to achieve a property settlement with a minimum of fuss. I will certainly use their services again in the future.
Russell Fairlie (May 2016)

I have had the help of ProSolution over a decade now, and appreciate their promptness in attending to matters, their familiarity and experience with financial matters and how it all works. The convenience of communication in applying for the loan is also a big plus for me (nearly all emails, rarely telephone, & no direct meetings). They also offer a wider range of financial services but I haven’t had to use those services. ProSolution is the group I go to if I need a loan.
Dr Kevin Choong (May 2016)

Jodi is a very knowledgeable advisor who was willing to assist in every way possible. I was also always kept well informed during the borrowing process and was able to easily make contact almost immediately whenever I needed assistance. Jodie is also very friendly and approachable and helped enormously along the way! Thanks ?
Cassie Carnovale (May 2016)

Jodi, was efficient and helpful in getting my loan application completed with a minimal amount of fuss. If only she could organise my reno now!!
Jerome Peyton (April 2016)

I have been a client of ProSolution for just over 5 years and, while I am not regularly active with my investments, the staff are always ready to provide help and advice. I highly recommend ProSolution as a team who are skilled, professional and ethical.
Cynthia Smith (March 2016)

I have used Jodi when buying my last 3 properties. Jodi’s knowledge, connections and expertise is fantastic. Jodi makes a stressful process much easier and I highly recommend Jodi, Kacie and the ProSolution team.
Michael van Schaik (March 2016)

Great service. Efficient. Always willing to help out. Very approachable.
Dr Seung Tae Kim (March 2016)

I would highly recommend Stuart and the team for unbiased advice on all financial matters and look forward to being a client for many more years.
David Taylor (February 2016)

ProSolution has been our advisor for over ten years. The team has again delivered in helping us streamline finances with a new provider at a great rate.
Sandy Woolley (February 2016)

This is the second time that I have used ProSolution and I have been very pleased with their service. Cathy and her team did an outstanding job in helping me prepare for and go through the home loan process. Cathy replied promptly to all my questions and I always felt comfortable discussing any issue with her. I would highly recommend ProSolution for their personalised and professional services.
Dr Rohan Rodricks (January 2016)

2015 Testimonials

Great service. Couldn’t fault you at all. Would highly recommend you!!
Paul Fiorenza (December 2015)

In ProSolution’s capable hands I had access to high quality information and advice, and I trusted the team to serve my best interests. They understood my needs and delivered above the call of duty. They will have my business for life.
Sarah Fortuna (December 2015)

I would have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution. They saved us so much time and stress by liaising with the bank on our behalf. They also ensured we obtained the lowest interest rate possible. Thanks so much.
Tanya Hui (December 2015)

I have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution. They were very knowledgeable and well organised. They were always friendly and approachable and always responded quickly to our questions and inquiries. They sourced an excellent loan and efficiently and thoroughly guided us through all the documentation and paperwork. Cathy and Kacie were fantastic!
Paul McDonald and Rhonda Holdsworth (November 2015)

ProSolution have provided us with clear, unbiased advice and facilitated a seamless loan application process. We are very impressed with their prompt and efficient service.
Anne (November 2015)

Stuart and his team provide an excellent service and have shown honesty and integrity since I first consulted with ProSolution.
Dr Wengkat Poon (November 2015)

ProSolution will always tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. That is why we keep coming back.
Anna Martiniello (October 2015)

The team at ProSolution has been invaluable in helping us secure two mortgages and accelerate our retirement planning. Being new to Australia it was daunting to enter into the mortgage process; the team walked us through each step and ensured that we did not over-reach ourselves in terms of financial commitment. We would be happy to would entrust them with any future loans or financial advice we might need!
Fiona Del Cuore (October 2015)

Stuart and the team were fabulous, they really listened to what was important to us and then worked with us to deliver on the plan. We would highly recommend them.
Therese Cotter & Cate Negle (September 2015)

ProSolution has helped organise finance for me on a number of occasions, over quite a few years. They have always provided reliable, efficient and prompt service, otherwise I wouldn’t be back. Experience and specialist financial skills make them stand out from the rest.
Dr Kevin Choong (September 2015)

I found ProSolution service to be excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommending their services to people I know. Actually, I already have.
Pip Westhoff (September 2015)

ProSolution have provided for me (and individually to my adult children) independent professional advice on investing for today and for tomorrow and have been instrumental in guiding me to securing 3 investment properties and one for my daughter. The investments were a one stop shop with other recommended companies and reassured me I was making the best informed decision for my future. Thank you Stuart and to your team!
Bob Shergold (September 2015)

Couldn’t have asked for better. Cathy and Kacie were always willing to assist with queries and problems and speed of service was amazing in this day and age. Couldn’t recommend them high enough – thanks so much! You helped us through some very stressful situations!
Andrea & Stewart Henderson (September 2015)

The team really helped us during the purchase of our latest property. Providing financial advice, suggesting some strategy options for getting the best deal, and dealing with all the finance applications and documentation, they made the process painless. Not an easy task as I was overseas for quite a bit of the time.
Iain Ross (September 2015)

We have been dealing with the ProSolution Private Clients since 2009, and have always been extremely happy with the service provided. Whether it was Jodie, Jodi, Cathy or Kacie, our enquiries were met promptly, with the advice we needed. Even when we thought we may have over bombarded them with queries, they always remained professional, courteous and prompt and have helped us to get where we needed. We would have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution to our Family and Friends.
Simon & Rosalyn Hill (Sept 2015)

The ProSolution team are extremely professional and helpful. I always feel they put my best interest as their number one priority. The deal we received for our loan is excellent! Thank you very much for all your help.
Vi (August 2015)

Cathy and Kacie have been extremely helpful as the process has been a little bit complicated – they were excellent. I have already referred ProSolution to other people and just recently to a colleague in my business. The marketing and regular contact (despite not having officially used you before) was the reason I made contact this time. Thanks for your help.
Andrew Wood (July 2015)

I have always been delighted to refer my family & friends to ProSolution as our broker. Jodi, and her assistant Jodie have always worked hard to find solutions to any issue that may arise with the bank. They have been genuinely interested in helping, and always keep us updated on any changes and provide us with options that best suit our circumstances.
K Swift (June 2015)

Thought we were on a good deal with 1% off standard variable. ProSolution Wealth Coach monthly fee is easily paid for by the renegotiated 1.25% discount, not to mention making the whole process practically effortless from our end. Great communication by both Cathy & Kacie also.
Tom & Sarah (April 2015)

Jodi and her assistant Jodie were both really helpful and provided all the information and assistance that I required. Jodie was always available to talk with me and answer any queries I had. Any issues I had with applications and bank documentation were resolved quickly. I give ProSolution 10/10!!
J Clark (April 2015)

10/10. Great service, Great expertise, Courteous, knowledgeable and friendly people. Would not go anywhere else and will highly recommend.
Rob & Janine (March 2015)

10 out of 10!!! We highly recommend ProSolution as they always achieve a speedy approval, take ownership of any issues that may arise and always get us the best rate!
Justine & Andrew (March 2015)

I spoke to a couple of other brokers before I settled on ProSolution and Kacie and Cathy and everyone I dealt with from your Company were all so friendly and nice which was noticeable different to other companies I dealt with and immediately made me feel comfortable about working with the Company. I put in an unconditional offer on a home when I had only just started working which in some ways was a bit reckless/foolish and made securing the home less than straight forward but instead of telling me I shouldn’t have been so gung-ho etc. they were both super encouraging and reassuring that something would work out. They were also super-efficient at getting back to me and sourcing the correct information etc. Cathy also liaised with my Mum who was doing the conveyancing and she was super helpful with sorting that out as well. Excellent mortgage outcome – a much better rate than I was offered when I approached the bank myself.
Dr Isobelle Smith (March 2015)

Both Cathy & Kacie clarified the process which in turn made the facilitation seamless, and their continual communication/updates on progress of our finance application was very reassuring.
Mr Mark Gray (March 2015)

ProSolution’s responsive and effective service always produces good results… 10/10!
D. Batt (March 2015)

The knowledge, advice and compassion I get from Cathy and her team is the best in the business. I love working with her and value her input. I would definitely recommend ProSolution to my friends and family.
Dr Nic Claase (February 2015)

It has been wonderful to deal with ProSolution. From dealing with both Jodi/Jodie’s for Lending, Kristy with Insurance and our one- on-one meeting with Stuart, it has been a really positive experience. Everybody has explained things well to us, we had/have great communication whether it be via email or phone with all the girls. They are always available and accessible when we have questions, extremely professional, very thorough and I feel like we are treated as an individual client and not a ‘number on the books’. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ProSolution… I know we will certainly be back for Insurances and further lending when time permits.
Jodie Clinton (January 2015)

Cathy and Kacie did a great job explaining everything, keeping me up to date and making sure everything went through as smoothly as possible.
Philip [surname withheld] (January 2015)

I would give you 10 out of 10. I thought your service was/ is fantastic. Cathy and Kacie were so professional and helpful. They dealt with our application so efficiently and now, just a few months from first contacting you, we have moved into our beautiful house!!! Can’t thank you enough.
Charlotte Boardman (January 2015)

Daniel and I were very impressed with our initial meeting with Cathy and Stuart who gave us easy to digest advice while still making us feel that we had no obligations to follow through with their services. Cathy’s advice in our loan structure was detailed and well suited to our needs. She really took the time to help explain each scenario to us and never made us feel as if we had asked too many questions. During times we were looking for properties, Cathy and Kacie both responded super quickly to our request for RP data reports which were a very valuable resource to us. Both Cathy and Kacie stayed in constant communication with us during our loan pre-approval and approval period, offering to follow up on tasks that weren’t directly their responsibility and pitching in with advice when needed. Daniel and I are both very impressed with the service offered by ProSolution and will continue to use your services in future. We would be very happy to refer friends and family to ProSolution.
Sasha Dobson (January 2015)

Rowan and I would like to thank Jodi, Jodie (assistant) and Craig for all the time and effort that went into helping us sort out our loan. Your patience, knowledge, professionalism, and flexibility have made the whole experience a lot easier for us. We are really grateful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your team to others. Looking forward to staying in touch.
Alex and Rowan (January 2015)

2014 Testimonials

As always, I am impressed with ProSolution’s honest professional advice and quality customer service.  I have always received excellent communication throughout my transactions with ProSolution.
Dr A Gnanasambandam (December 2014)

Quick, efficient and outstanding service!
R Tait (December 2014)

My expectations were exceeded during my transaction with ProSolution. Both Jodi (broker) and her assistant Jodie, were extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Even through my slightly turbulent settlement process, I felt comfortable.
Tim (November 2014)

I give 10/10 for the assistance ProSolution has given me during my last transaction. Everyone was so supportive and patient and Jodi was fabulous! Thank you
J. Shergold (November 2014)

I appreciated the advice and guidance from ProSolution throughout the entire process. I have never bought a home before and they were a wonderful support. I felt completely at ease knowing that they were looking after my best interests.
Kim Sherwood (November 2014)

I would not hesitate to refer ProSolution to someone needing help to structure and source an investment loan, process tax returns or source insurance cover. But I would only recommend nice people who would match the positive honest commitment of the firm. I found ProSolution to be most helpful in explaining loan structure, loan processes etc. so that I was able to better understand the process.
Tania Fiegert (November 2014)

We were very happy with the service we received simply because it was quite effortless. All processes were carefully explained to us, and everything was done in a very timely fashion. We were updated on the progress of the loan every few days, and any time we had a query, we received answers within 24 hours. Very impressed indeed.
Andrea Henderson (November 2014)

ProSolution’s people have an extensive knowledge of the services. Their manner is professional and they have a non-aggressive vigilant approach to their work.  I found ProSolution’s independence and candour refreshing and I would recommend their services.
Gavan (September 2014)

Excellent, speedy, professional service.  ProSolution (Cathy and Kacie and Stuart) came to our rescue.  We had already exchanged contracts and were in a cooling off period with no financial approval in place – not a positive place to be.  However, your team gave us hope and then fulfilled as they promised – even a day earlier than the 5 day deadline.  Thank you to you and your team!
Lisa G (September 2014)

Everyone is busy but your clients think they are the busiest people in the world – Alex and I simply don’t have time for the details of arrangements so ProSolution are fantastic at managing us at a macro planning point of view and then the micro admin. Kacie did particularly well by being a constant source of reminder but being polite at all times. Small tasks on the client side sometimes are done in stages and are pending other people so we need constant reminders to move items along. And very good to have Cathy’s wise words as required /on call.
Alexandria & Ted (September 2014)

Very smooth process without any hurdles or mistakes. Another very professional performance by the ProSolution team. Thanks!!
Dr James Burrell (September 2014)

We’ve been really happy with the service provided by ProSolution and would give a 9/10. We’ve always found ProSolution (Jodie, Cathy, Kacie being the faces we’ve predominantly worked with) to be incredibly proactive and responsive, and able to answer our questions concisely and effectively. We’d certainly look to continue our relationship with ProSolution for future finance related transactions.
Lisa Wyman (August 2014)

The whole process is very well organised by the team and I don’t really have to think about the hard stuff!!
Dr Jayne Temple (August 2014)

The reason I continue to use ProSolution is due to their fantastic and responsive service! – They deserve 10/10.
Mr Sunil Sharma (August 2014)

It was a pleasure dealing with the team at ProSolution Private Clients. I can’t thank Cathy and her assistant Kacie enough for their efficient services. They saved me a lot of time and made the whole process very easy.
Mr Madhur Shiralkar (August 2014) 

I am highly satisfied with ProSolution’s service, in particular I wish to thank Jodi for her fantastic support and professionalism. ProSolution was able to identify a Refinance solution appropriate to my situation. All the staff were prompt in their replies to my enquiries and both Jodi & her assistant Jodie were on the case daily to the other lenders to lock in settlement. Thank you!!
Mr Tibor Simo (August 2014)

We have been using ProSolution for all our investment loans for a number of years now. I find their service exceptional. They are like a one stop shop as we have also used their accounting department to setup several entities for our loans. The interest rates and conditions they are able to negotiate with banks I have found to be very competitive. My wife and I a time poor running a business and have 3 young kids to look after so it’s been invaluable having ProSolution looking after & organizing all our investment financial needs.
David Bennardo (July 2014)

Exceptional service!
Dr Terry Wong (July 2014)

Outstanding, prompt, friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
Laurel Zaicek (July 2014)

2013 & 2012 Testimonials

“I was fortunate to be introduced as a client to Daniela Mitkov in 2011. Since then, her advice and support in the home buying process has been invaluable, and I found her professionalism and proactive approach to be a great motivator.
I can honestly say that we would not be in our new home in such a short amount of time without Daniela’s assistance, and have no hesitation in recommending her financial services”.
Lindsay Leung (February 2013)

“I was referred to ProSolution by Wakelin Property Advisory. Jodi assisted me with organising my investment loans and Rick is providing all accounting and tax advice. Both have provided a professional and enthusiastic attitude while Prosolution provide a “turn-key” service for all of my financial needs. Their customer service was outstanding! I have also enjoyed the excellent communication from ProSolution, through blogs, seminars and newsletters and would most definitely recommend ProSolution to my family and friends”.
Mr Bob Shergold (August 2012)

“My wife and I recently engaged ProSolution to assist us with the purchase of a new family home and the re-financing of an existing loan over an investment property.
We want to thank you and your team for the outstanding service we received during this transaction. In particular, we found Danni to be extremely efficient and lovely to deal with at all times. My wife and I were constantly surprised at the speed with which Danni responded to our queries and her willingness to answer all of our questions. We frequently mentioned that Danni was the most efficient person we have dealt with in business. You are very lucky to have her as part of the team!”
Anonymous (July 2012)
“I was referred to ProSolution Private Clients by a good friend who had used their credit advisory service a few times. I was happy I decided to use ProSolution as they took care of all the details on my behalf. Our refinance went smoothly and the funds came to us in the nick of time for our renovations. I would definitely recommend ProSolution to any of my friends or colleagues who were in need of this type of service. Thank you!”
Darren Hauenstein (July 2012)

“ProSolution Credit Advisory is efficient and pro-active and always work with my best interest at heart. I feel confident using ProSolution’s services and would highly recommend them to my friends and colleagues.”
Anonymous (June 2012)

“I have every confidence that the strategy we have developed and implemented will place my family in a great position in the long term. On every step of the journey I have felt ProSolution there right beside me. It has been very insightful. It has been both challenging and rewarding. Importantly, it has been fun. I thoroughly recommend ProSolution.”
Greg & Debra Lynch (May 2012)

“We’ve used Prosolution Credit Advisory for three home loans so far, and the service and advice we have received has been outstanding. Jodi took care of everything for us; she was easily contactable, returned emails and phone calls quickly and always had great advice with regards to how to structure our loans most tax-effectively and even how to negotiate with the banks when it came to reducing our interest rates! When we had issues with delayed settlement paperwork after selling our last home, Jodi managed to expedite the usually prolonged process and the service from our old bank suddenly improved. I don’t know how Jodi does it, but the great after-sales service and advice she and the Prosolution team provides is the reason we keep returning!”
Dr Julie Son (April 2012)

“The debt advisory service was professionally managed and ensured a timely, cost effective loan solution was put in place. I would highly recommend ProSolution and benefited greatly from their experience.”
A. Alexander (Mar 2012)

“I have enjoyed Stuart Wemyss’ videos and emails for quite a while now and therefore the decision to use ProSolution for Financial Services Advice, Credit Advice and Insurance, was easy. I find their customer service outstanding. Cathy Sterg, ProSolution Credit Advisory, was excellent. She was always available to me when I called and I found her helpful and efficient. Jery & Kristy, ProSolution Wealth Advisory, are also excellent with their accessibility and I feel grateful that I have found a financial adviser who allows me to be a part of the decision making process and not just dictating it. I have already recommended ProSolution to a friend and would be happy to do so again.”
Alan Kaplan (Feb 2012)

2011 Testimonials

“Since signing up with the Wealth Advisory division I have found their excellent communication skills to be a vital part of their approach. Jery Mourelatos sets very realistic goals and offers no false promises. He is upfront, trustworthy and very thorough. A clear path was set from the very start and therefore I knew what to expect at all times. I have recommended ProSolution in the past to my friends and colleagues and would not hesitate to do this again.”
Dr. A. Wallis (Nov 2011)

“My wife and I have always had the ability to save money, but our problem was not having the time or expertise to use our savings to their full potential. We started working with Pro Solution after a recommendation and after 1 year as a Private Client, we’ve never felt better about our future. We work closest with Jery and Daniela to implement our financial strategy, but we also use them as sounding boards for questions, clarifications or simply to get a second opinion on just about anything to do with our finances.”
James. (Oct 2011)

“It is nearly a year that we are members of Prosolution Family, I call it family for a very good reason. We have had advisors before, but never felt so comfortable with and confident in advices and execution of strategies. I feel Jery and his team as a part of my family who put a very high level of knowledge and many years of experience together for the sake of my family future, I wish them a very bright, happy, healthy and WEALTHY future.”
Dr Fariborz Moradi M.D, FIBA, FANZCA (Oct 2011)

“Both my brother and a friend were clients of ProSolution, so I had no hesitations in using their services with purchasing my investment property. I was very happy with Daniela’s attention to detail as she always kept me up to date with the loan process. I would happily recommend ProSolution to my friends and family.”
Kate. (Aug 2011)

“After an initial meeting with ProSolution, I was very impressed with their professionalism and therefore decided to use their services when purchasing a property. I always received prompt and friendly service and found dealing with Cathy and Daniela a pleasure. I would recommend ProSolution to my friends and family and definitely use them again in the future.”
Dr S Livesley. (July 2011)

“I was referred to ProSolution by Wakelin Property Group and after an initial meeting with them, I felt confident I would be getting excellent advice. Jodi and Danni were always there to respond to any questions I had and they gave me great confidence throughout the whole process. I would be happy to recommend ProSolution to my friends and family and would certainly look to use their services in the future.”
R Ekkel. (July 2011)

“I contacted ProSolution Private Clients because I don’t have the time or knowledge to optimise my financial affairs. I needed to find an advisor that was trustworthy and free of any conflicts. We have developed a long term plan to achieve my goals and ProSolution are going to help me get there.”
Anaesthetist, Tasmania. (June 2011)

“Thank you Prosolution in organising finance for our recent purchase in an investment property. You took the stress and time out of the equation for us. Your service is friendly, reliable and prompt and we have already recommended you to others interested in doing a similair investment.”
Name withheld (June 2011)

“After I read Stuart’s books and attended a webinar I was impressed with the prompt follow-up of further questions I had. When I finally choose ProSolution to organise the mortgage for me I was very happy with the approach, results & services provided and would have no hesitation to recommend the team of ProSolution.”
Joern S. – Sydney (May 2011)

“I have never used a mortgage broker before. The wonderful experience made life very easy when there is so much else going on post purchase of a house.”
Kate (May 2011)

“Thank-you Jodi and Daniela for all your help. Your were extremely friendly, professional and knowledgable. We would have no hesitation in referring you on to others in the future.”
Caroline & Brad Martin (Mar 2011)

“We chose ProSolution Private Clients because of the innovative approaches they had to wealth management and they came up with some great ideas which we have implemented. Further, their use of new media allows us to update our knowledge on a regular basis. We would recommend them to all.”
T.P – accounting professional (Mar 2011)

“ProSolution Private Clients has assisted my wife and I with two loans now. Both, for various reasons, have had their own unique challenges that have needed to be addressed. ProSolution, especially Jodi and Danni, were attentive and proactive problem solvers. We will use them again in the future.”
Andy – legal professional (Feb 2011)

“As a young investor, obtaining finance to fund property investment is daunting. ProSolution has assisted me over the last 3 years with a clear strategy and goal in mind. ProSolution’s regular appraisal, advice and recommendation have assisted me in making informed investment decisions. I would highly recommend ProSolution to anyone without hesitation. Its experienced consultants are knowledgeable, patient and helpful.”
Rick, WA (Feb 2011)

“ProSolution Private Clients provided me with loan structure solutions that I didn’t know existed and a service I have not experienced anywhere else. Bravo!”
B McLean (Feb 2011)

“Having never bought a house before it took a lot of stress out of it knowing that ProSolution were doing the work for me. The friendly staff were very helpful and professional and were always available to answer all my questions providing me with comfort that I was in good hands.”
Hannah Meade (Jan 2011)

“Excellent service again. Professional in every aspect and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ProSolution to anyone.”
Dr David Willis (Jan 2011)

2010 Testimonials

“Having recently purchased my first investment property using ProSolution, I can highly recommend them as a firm who will provide you with independent, professional advice, and an outstanding level of customer service. As an IT contractor it’s sometimes difficult to get finance, but the team at ProSolution went out of their way for me and it’s exciting to know that, thanks to them, I can now easily reach my financial goals.”
Cynthia Smith – IT contractor (Dec 2010)

“Stuart and the team at ProSolution Private Clients have yet again supported us in developing and implementing a real plan that suits us individually and takes into consideration all the aspects required to make the best financial decisions. Their guidance and support has been exceptional. The thought of putting together a financial plan is tedious and full of unknowns for the average couple trying to plan for financial freedom. What Stuart and his team have done for us is connect us with not only their team but a range of other professionals that has made our journey so much easier and simple. From establishing our SMSF to buying our first investment property – all the professionals associated with ProSolution have acted in the most professional and supportive manner and are a great reflection on the partnerships ProSolution has. Buying our first investment property was seamless thanks to Wakelin Property Advisory and the great support we had from NAB. We look forward to continuing our plan and are confident about reaching our financial goals!”
Sally Garner – Senior Manager (Dec 2010)

“Exceptional service, great advisors, and we got exactly the outcome we were after. We couldn’t be happier with ProSolution Private Clients and our advisors, Rebecca and Daniela. ”
Cameron and Rosalyn Hill (Dec 2010)

“I would recommend ProSolution Private Clients to my colleagues as they provide a comprehensive, trustworthy and no nonsense service. Thank you Stuart and your team for another successful property purchase – hopefully one of many more to come. ”
Dr John Raneri – Dentist (Dec 2010)

“ProSolution Private Clients undertook all the leg work for my refinance offering a significant saving in interest payments and a much simpler structure. The professionalism by the staff was second to none and achieved the desired outcome with a minimum of fuss in a timely manner.”
Stephen Rieniets – CEO (Dec 2010)

“The team at ProSolution made the whole process of buying an investment property easy. They also saved us thousands of dollars by finding the perfect product for us.”
Dawn Russell (Nov 2010)

“ProSolution have provided nothing short of exceptional service at all stages of our engagement. We are very confident that our new property-based financial strategy has put our family in a great position, and we look forward to continuing a very productive relationship with the ProSolution team.”
Greg & Debra – IT Consultant & Architect (Nov 2010)

“The support, advice and service of Stuart and his team at ProSolution have been invaluable in helping us to create a portfolio of investment properties over the past six years or so. At times, our particular situation and investment goals have posed significant challenges. Nonetheless, Stuart and his team have consistently, tirelessly and patiently helped to resolve those difficulties as they arose. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stuart and his team to anyone who wishes to work towards financial independence.”
Greg and Sugi, Sydney, NSW (Nov 2010)

“I would highly recommend ProSolution to anyone looking for the best service in the Financial Services Industry. We threw several different scenarios at Cathy and all were fielded with friendly, informative replies. Stuart, Cathy and the rest of the team were very professional, responsive and ultimately enabled us to refinance and purchase our next investment property (which was something other brokers had failed to do). Looking forward to dealing with ProSolution again in the near future!”
Dave Graham (Oct 2010)

“We used ProSolution for our financing and were extremely pleased with the time taken and expertise shown to fully understand our financial circumstances. Based on this knowledge ProSolution were able to offer an excellent solution to our financial needs and saved us over $30,000 [through a waiver of mortgage insurance]!”
Phil & Dee-Ann Prather – Chief Marketing Officer (Oct 2010)

“My husband and I had a really positive experience with the staff at ProSolution. Jodi found a product that was suitable for us, when we enquired about refinancing our home loan for our renovations. The process was stress-free (which we love), easy (which we also love) and saved us from having to deal directly with the bank (which we love most). Both Jodi and Daniela showed great professionalism and we would be happy to recommend ProSolution to our family and friends. Thanks for all your efforts and time.”
Dr Donald & Naomi Innes – Anaesthetist (Oct 2010)

“We have recently arranged our second loan for property through our SMSF. The set up was complex in order to comply with tight borrowing regulations. We were fortunate to have used a broker with staff who was able to ensure it was done correctly from the start. Our brief has now widened to include insurance, wills, some business planning and general “tidying up” of neglected administrative and financial affairs. The advantage is that we now have one provider with an overview of our situation and can assist with follow through over the next stages.”
Christine and Tony Flanagan – Physiotherapist (Sep 2010)

“We felt Jodi gave direct, honest and professional advice and always made time to answer our endless questions. Jodi recognised our needs and focused on ‘our’ requirements, not that of commission. We are in QLD, so we didn’t get to meet the team, but everyone was professional and friendly. As my wife said…”It all went so smoothly, it doesn’t feel like we’ve bought another property”. In the past, we would never have used an advisor to get a mortgage, never mind one that we didn’t even get to meet in person, but ProSolution made it so easy.”
Jeff & Carol Tucker (Sept 2010)

“ProSolution is a very professional outfit that looks after the interest of their clients. They have good service ethics and provide solutions to suit their clients’ requirements. Highly recommended!”
Tony Lim – Senior IT Consultant (Sept 2010)

“ProSolution have been truly invaluable in their advice and service in helping us to obtain our first home loan. The process was made stress free and uncomplicated with the help of Jodi and Danni. We could not recommend ProSolution highly enough!”
Rilla and Gerard (Sept 2010)

“ProSolution Debt Advisory Service provides outstanding support and direction from beginning to end. Our Advisor was professional and quick to understand our needs. I highly recommend this service.”
Blake Spring – Product Manager (Aug 2010)

“Thank you Becky, Stuart, Josie, Daniela, Jery and Cathy for an absolutely first class experience. It’s exciting to do business with a company and people who consistently display the very highest levels of customer service, industry knowledge and professionalism. I am still amazed at how quickly matters were attended to. I never thought the process of obtaining finance could be stress-free, let alone enjoyable. I have recommended you to friends and colleagues and shared with them two of the best books I have read in years: ‘Smart Borrowers Handbook’ and ‘The Property Puzzle’. In my books, ProSolution has no peer. I am a client for life. :)”
Senka (Aug 2010)

“The ProSolution team have been phenomenally helpful in getting us our loan (again). Thanks to Stuart, Cathy and Daniela for fielding our questions in such a prompt and friendly manner. They take the worry off getting a loan. We were extremely happy with their service and this is the second time we’ve used their services. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds when it comes to choosing a mortgage broker. We highly recommend ProSolution Private Clients to anyone looking for a mortgage broker who can provide outstanding and professional service.”
Liza and Trevor Lee (Aug 2010)

“I would have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution – their assistance in finding our way through the financial maze for buying, selling and bridging finance was invaluable. Solutions offered were broad ranging and made choosing the right structure straight forward.”
JP (July 2010)

“My partner and I found our dream first house this year. ProSolution Private Clients was recommended to us by a work colleague. We were very impressed by the friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient staff. We would definitely recommend this service to others.”
Dr Phoebe Slape – Doctor (July 2010)

“I wish to thank Stuart Wemyss and his team at ProSolution for the way they organised the finance for my recent investment property acquisition. They handled every aspect of this task with complete professionalism and courtesy. Nothing was too much trouble and the follow up to any query was complete and swift. The purchase of a property is one of the biggest expenses one can outlay, so it was incredibly important for me that I trusted those organising my loan and mortgage repayments. I felt that I got the best deal possible. I would trust Stuart’s firm again without hesitation. I’m a client for life!”
Eleanor Ross, Vic (June 2010)

“We have known Stuart and co for many years now and they provide a service that is second to none. All the staff are engaging, friendly and professional and extremely responsive to our needs (even when we make requests under seemingly impossible timeframes!). I don’t ever recall a time when I did not receive an email within 24 hours. Exceptional!”
Katherine Maniatakis – HR Manager, Vic (May 2010)

“Very professional, personal, and unbiased services, giving peace of mind and enormous financial gain to the novice and time-poor clients like me. Highly recommended to anyone.”
Dr Henry Wong, dentist, Vic (April 2010)

“Great service with staff that are always attentive to your needs. I used to think that all mortgage brokers were the same, but one that can provide you with an education as well as finding the right lender for your needs without putting the sales pressure on you is a breath of fresh air.”
Dr Nicholas Cheah (April 2010)

“Have really enjoyed the total ProSolution package. The approach and methodology is something that has helped me with my specific goals. The great thing about ProSolution’s service offering is that it focusses specifically on my direct requirements – this is something that I have never found with other “financial advisors” and it helps me to directly understand how my investments are performing and plan accordingly.” Michael Badwi (April 2010)

“With a large family, cash-flow is my key concern. Through ProSolution, I learned how I could improve this situation by changing the construct of my investment property loans. While it meant I had to switch banks, ProSolution managed the whole process for me. Always courteous and with a sense that their service was for my benefit and not theirs! I plan to build on this experience and utilise ProSolution’s wealth advisory services.”
Sandy Woolley (April 2010)

“ProSolution have provided an outstanding service to my lending requirements. I will recommend ProSolution services to anyone looking for a home loan.”
David Garcia (April 2010)

“ProSolution provided a high level of service to my lending requirements and I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone looking for either a home loan or debt re-structuring solution.”
Rick – Public Servant, WA (March 2010)

“We have used ProSolution now during the purchase of our home, our investment property, a share in a business and also for the development of our financial plan (on a fee for service basis). I have always found their advice to be accurate, detailed and unbiased. And they allow me to ask a lot of annoying questions during the whole process. I would certainly recommend ProSolution to anyone in need of unbiased financial and mortgage advice.”
Ross and Susan (March 2010)

“ProSolution has now arranged 3 or 4 loans for me and also assisted in restructuring some existing loans for me. I have found its service to be of the highest quality and would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a new broker.”
Mr Peter Kay – Senior Lawyer (Mar 2010)

“All of the above and more. I simply have not experienced better financial advice, delivered in such a professional manner – well done and thank you.”
Rob Foy (Feb 2010)

“I have been a ProSolution Private Client for eight years and I have been very happy with the services provided by ProSolution. I have never had to go to the bank to ask for a loan as ProSolution has been able to provide me with my needs. ProSolution team is so efficient at what they are doing, it has made borrowing money such a hassle free experience for me.”
Dr My-Le Trinh(Feb 2010)

“We had 30 days to settle our loan. My partner is a contractor and I am self-employed. Stuart, Rebecca and Daniela got the job done and although I’m sure they were working frantically behind the scenes all we saw was a professional display of their ability to get the job done.”
Patrick and Naomi – Stockbroker (Jan 2010)

2009 Testimonials

“Being a first home buyer, they patiently answered all my questions, and eased me into the process so that it minimised the stress. It made me feel taken care of. ”
Grace (Dec 2009)

“We found something quite different in Justine and the Wealth Advisory team at ProSolution Private Clients. We were extremely impressed with the Global Investment Strategy they formulated for us, which they were able to tailor make to our situation to help us achieve our goals after being told by others it was not possible. After visiting other planners that trot out the typical mantra involving managed funds and seeming more concerned with just collecting their commission, it was refreshing to find a fee for service group that could also advise in wealth creation solutions involving directly owned property. Justine was extremely professional in her manner and always so accessible by phone and email. She really does embody the groups’ name, as although our situation was quite complex she really did find a solution to all our problems! We have already started to recommend ProSolution’s services to colleagues of ours that also run businesses and want to maximise their wealth creation.”
Michael & Kym Gaffney – Gaffco Pty Ltd (July 2009)

“My husband and I approached ProSolution for two reasons; 1) specialisation in real estate investment; and 2) fee for service advice. Both of these characteristics are rarely found in financial planning and are two good reasons why we will continue to seek advice from the ProSolution team. In addition, the team is professional, well credentialed, and from our observation, well coordinated. We came to ProSolution with the challenge of creating a financial plan whilst we had two property transactions on foot. This required the team to work quickly in a coordinated manner to prepare a plan, establish entities, and arrange finance for the new entities created. Regardless of the time constraints, the team was sensitive to our concerns with job security (at the time) and responded with a number of ‘what if’ scenarios. It’s comforting to know that in implementing our plan, the ProSolution team is there to back us up with training and advice along the way. We would encourage all our friends to use ProSolution.”
Anna Martiniello – Development Executive – VALAD Property Group (July 2009)

“My husband and I had two loans with an independent loan provider for about 10 years but we were not happy with the interest rate and charges. We turned to ProSolution for help and Rebecca Browne and Daniela Mitkov guided us through the refinancing process. They listened to our needs, were very professional with their service and advice, and prompt with keeping us informed every step of the way. They made the whole process easy. Now we have loans with a much lower interest rate, saving us thousands of dollars each year. My only regret is not dealing with ProSoluton earlier!”
Daria Villani, School teacher (July 2009)

“After using the services of ProSolution on my first home purchase in Sydney in 2005 and being very happy with the service and the results, I naturally went back to ProSolution for my second home purchase in 2009 in Brisbane. I continue to be pleased with both mortgages and the service I received from ProSolution.”
Carla Zazulak – Director of Paediatric Cardiac Perfusion – Mater Health Services (June 2009)

“My wife and I have been a client of ProSolution Private Clients for a number of years involving several transactions and have been greatly impressed with the quality of their advice and their end to end processes in delivering the right financial package that best suited our circumstances. Their knowledge of the market and management of the delivery process has been excellent taking most of the stress out of what can be a very stressful time. Thank you to Cathy and Daniela for helping us through our latest transaction.”
Barry Benton – National Infrastructure Manager – KPMG (May 2009)

“I was very impressed with everyone I dealt with at ProSolution Private Clients. I felt that the level of service was exceptional starting from my initial enquiry where I found the advice of great value in deciding which lender and product suited my application best, right through to obtaining pre-approval and settlement on a property. It really made the whole process much simpler for me and I will definitely be using them again next time.”
Dennis – Account Manager (Apr 2009)

“I have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution Private Clients to anyone who is looking for a truly professional mortgage broker. Their professional, prompt, and friendly service greatly reduced the stress involved in our home renovations as well as providing significant financial savings. I would certainly use them again.”
Michael Flood (Apr 2009)

“I got a good deal on my property by offering a short settlement time. Jodi and Kristy ensured everything went smoothly and quickly, including regular contact with the bank to check everything was on schedule, and regular feedback to me. They were patient in explaining all the pros and cons of the various loan options, and saved me a lot of time and angst. I recommend ProSolution Private Clients to everybody.”
Simon Langenbacher – Manager Brewing Process – Fosters Group (Apr 2009)

“After reading the testimonials of other clients, I realised that there is little more that I can add. But for certain clients’ specific circumstances, my experiences were the same: professional, intelligent, informed, prompt, responsive and articulate are how I would characterise my relationship with ProSolution. If the need arises in the future, I have no doubt that I would be using their services again.”
Daniel – Retired investor (Apr 2009)

“As a first time home buyer it was reassuring to have the professional support offered by ProSolution Private Clients. I am thoroughly satisfied with the mortgage arrangement recommended by ProSolution. Their friendly support, even after the home loan was finalized was appreciated. I would recommend ProSolution to anyone seeking a professional and personal service”
Lauren Guy – Occupational Therapist (Apr 2009)

“As a first time home buyer it was reassuring to have the professional support offered by ProSolution Private Clients. I am thoroughly satisfied with the mortgage arrangement recommended by ProSolution. Their friendly support, even after the home loan was finalized was appreciated. I would recommend ProSolution to anyone seeking a professional and personal service”
Lauren Guy – Occupational Therapist (Apr 2009)

“I have found all the ProSolution Private Clients people I have dealt with and Rebecca Browne in particular who I dealt with the most, to be expertly knowledgeable, very personable, proactive and very prompt with the ‘solution’ (and much more prompt than me). My dealings with ProSolution involved the roll-over of my borrowings into a cheaper and better suited loan product and I was very impressed with the understanding and clarity with which the recommended way forward was proposed to me. It took into account all my relevant personal circumstances and fitted well with my future plans. Once having decided on the most appropriate way forward the great service from ProSolution continued with the many relevant applications and various forms needed for the changes I was making, being prefilled making the whole process of the changeover as simple and easy as could possibly be. With this initial experience I look forward to continuing my relationship with ProSolution well into the future and have and will continue to recommend them to others.”
George Manolaros – Manager – Department of Transport (Apr 2009)

“I contacted ProSolution Private Clients after deciding to purchase my first home. I was quickly put at ease by the approachability, efficiency and market knowledge shown by the staff. Using ProSolution greatly simplified the daunting process of securing a great mortgage and I would definitely recommend their services.”
Liz – Dentist (Mar 2009)

“My wife and I decided to use ProSolution Private Clients after being referred by an existing customer. We were purchasing our first home and they made the whole process of selecting a mortgage fast and easy; the team’s knowledge of the mortgage market meant that we saved thousands of dollars in upfront costs. Kristy remained in touch and responsive throughout our protracted settlement and was always professional, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend ProSolution.”
Michael – IT Professional (Feb 2009)

“It is my pleasure to recommend Prosolution Private Clients to anyone who is looking for a mortgage broker. I found their service to be professional and the ProSolution staff are patient and prompt in answering any questions that I had and endeavoured to find a home loan solution that was tailored to my needs.”
Dr Andrew See – Dentist (Feb 2009)

“After many years benefiting from your insight and advice I want you to know how grateful we are. You and your team are in a class of your own. When I search for examples of outstanding customer service, ProSolution Private Clients is the first that comes to mind. This isn’t a one off – as you know Kylie and I are return customers; you have negotiated extremely favourable terms with different banks on at least 3 occasions, saving us significant amounts of hard earned wages. Your advocacy within the public realm on behalf of borrowers demonstrates a dedication and genuine care that isn’t evident elsewhere in your field. That and the lightning responses to emails at 11pm at night.”
Alek & Kylie Argirov – IT Consultant (Feb 2009)

“I was looking to refinance my existing loan and a lawyer friend recommended ProSolution Private Clients. In addition to securing a significant reduction of my chosen bank’s standard variable rate, the staff at ProSolution Private Clients were very efficient and attentive. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others who are seeking a good rate along with excellent service.”
Chris – Lawyer (Feb 2009)

“My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the service and outcome provided to us by the team at ProSolution Private Clients. Our circumstances are not “typical” in that we live overseas and I am not an Australian citizen/resident, but ProSolution have been able to engineer a loan package that has allowed us to buy our next investment property, something that our previous broker had indicated was not possible at this point. We will certainly be using ProSolution again and look forward to a long and profitable relationship with them during our investment career!”
Howard Abbey – Finance Director – China (Feb 2009)

“I would highly recommend the services of ProSolution Private Clients. The report they provided on our loan options was extremely useful and I am not aware of any brokers that provide anything that comes close to this part of their service. I found them to be professional and friendly at all times – a pleasure to deal with”
Senior Lawyer – Melbourne (Jan 2009)

“My partner and I used the services of ProSolution Private Clients after buying our first house in late 2008. We found their level of service and professionalism to be outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They were very detailed, but also very clear, about what loan choices we had – and were able to very promptly tailor their advice on request: for example, when we increased the amount of our initial deposit for our loan. They also attempted to help sort out a problem we had with our solicitor filling in the wrong forms for the claiming of stamp duty exemption – even though this was outside the services they offer. We would have no hesitation in recommending the team at ProSolution Private Clients to other customers, and look forward to their ongoing service to us for the life of our home loan.”
John Stensholt – Journalist (Jan 2009)

2008 Testimonials

“We have experienced professional services right from the word go and very happy with the way they handled our case, gave options and once decided, followed up with different parties involved. If we had to take another housing loan, we would not consider anyone else for sure.”
Nilesh Gadre – Business Analyst (Dec 2008)

“I was referred to ProSolution Private Clients by a friend and I am glad that I made the call to Stuart and his team. From the beginning they were professional, friendly and thorough. Your great service and highly organised team made buying my first property an easier and less daunting task than I first anticipated. Thanks Daniella and Becky for always being available to answer my many questions!”
Michele Dickson – Financial Accountant (Nov 2008)

“ProSolution Private Clients was a breakthrough in my search for a suitable home loan, as prior to coming across ProSolution Private Clients, I had been searching fruitlessly for home loans from numerous home loan lenders. These lenders seemed to offer a great solution for my situation but when it came down to the details, service, and commitments they failed to satisfy my needs . I came across the ProSolution Private Clients advertisement in the ADA news bulletin, and I contacted them immediately. I found their service excellent as they were very responsible, efficient, reliable and professional in the manner that they handled my home loan. I can definitely say that I got what I wanted and I would recommend ProSolution Private Clients to my friends and colleagues and I thank them for all their advice and help.”
Dr Phillip Huang – Dentist, NSW (Sept 2008)

“I consider myself lucky in choosing ProSolution Private Clients as my broker. Their professional, prompt and friendly service has made my first property purchase smooth and pleasant. Highly recommended to those who are after hassle-free service just like me!”
Danni Wang – Accountant (Aug 2008)

“Stuart and his team constantly strive to improve their service and go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. I will definitely use their services again.
Dr Vijaya Molloy – Dentist – NSW – (Aug 2008)

“From the beginning through to the successful outcome of receiving our loan, Stuart and his team at ProSolution guided the process in a friendly, professional and highly efficient manner leaving us to relax and enjoy the process in the most stress free way imaginable.”
Dr Dirk & Laura Jacobsen – Dentist – TAS – (Aug 2008)

“I am so glad to have come across ProSolution Private Clients two page add, of their services in the ADA news bulletin. It was great timing for me because I just bought an investment property and did not know where to start to find the best lender to provide the loan. I spoke to Stuart in the beginning; he was extremely helpful and provided unbiased detailed documents to show me all the different lenders, and finally select the lender that best suited my needs, providing a very competitive product package. Kristy was also another excellent staff member that followed up and constantly informed me of the progress of the loan through each of the stages. I would happily recommend ProSolution to our friends, colleagues and family, and will use ProSolution Private Clients again”
Dr Linh Do – Dentist – VIC (May 2008)

“This service enabled us to finance a large investment property when others failed! Communication was clear, patient and easy. ProSolution Private Clients gave us an excellent outcome.”
Dr M Loughnan – General Practitioner (May 2008)

“Stuart and the team were ever prompt and responsive, yet never pushy (despite my slow progress towards home ownership – indeed, I’d first contacted Stuart more than two years prior to finally buying). Throughout this time he was informative and responsive to my changing circumstances. When it came time to actually getting the loan the service offered by ProSolution Private Clients was equally impressive. In fact, Becky even gave me a call on the weekend to let me know that my home loan was approved when I was unavailable the night before. It was a very nice personal touch. The loan Stuart and Becky recommended and arranged also met all of my needs.”
Michael Anderson – Director at an international accounting firm (May 2008)

“Dear Stuart, Becky and Kristy, thank you very much for your fantastic assistance with securing the loan for settlement of another property. Your professional and reliable service is much appreciated and I will confidently recommend your service to colleagues and friends.”
Dr T Doan – Dentist (May 2008)

“I have been using ProSolution Private Clients for over 4 years. During that time, Stuart Wemyss has provided advice on our loan structure, assisted in organising finance for the purchase of two investment properties, helped to refinance our home loan and line of credit facilities, answered a myriad of questions, and obtained a 0.90% discount on our home and investment loans through one of the four major lenders. The quality of service, and prompt and professional advice provided is second to none. I have recommended Stuart and his team to my family, friends and work colleagues and have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution to anyone else. You won’t be disappointed.”
Peter Robbins – HR Manager (Apr 2008)

“It was a pleasure having such competent and professional people dealing with our matters. The e-mail responses were always prompt, clear and never lacking in kindness. ProSolution is a truly smooth running engine! ”
Dr Juan & Desire Pretorius – Dentist – WA (Jan 2008)

“ProSolution was a tremendous help. When the lender fell behind schedule in its paperwork, Stuart and his team were right there to push things along and guide me through. It would have been stressful and very time consuming to have had to navigate through those difficulties alone.”
Dr David Studdert – Professor (Jan 2008)

2007 Testimonials

“I would happily recommend ProSolution Private Clients to others looking for a highly professional and efficient service. As a junior doctor buying my first property, I thought that the service that I would receive may be less than those who were seeking greater loan values. However, all of my dealings with ProSolution Private Clients were faultless and I was treated with the upmost professionalism. I plan to use them again for any future purchases and dealings. ”
Dr R Taylor – Resident Medical Officer (Nov 2007)

“Where others could not help, Stuart and his team from ProSolution Private Clients came to the rescue. The whole experience from start to finish was extremely professional. I found Stuart to give the most honest and knowledgeable advice, which is why we chose to use him and now will always use ProSolution Private Clients for our future finance needs. I cannot praise enough the level of professionalism and service provided by Prosolution Private Clients.”
Mr Cale Sammons – General Manager (Oct 2007)

“Stuart and his team were responsive to my needs, demonstrated initiative and professionalism throughout. They certainly took the hassle out of the process and their ongoing communication never left me thinking “I wonder what’s happening with the finance”. I would certainly recommend them to any prospective borrower.”
Gavin Morton – Principal – PKF Chartered Accountants (Aug 2007)

“I would highly recommend approaching ProSolution Private Clients as I found their service professional, efficient, and personalised. They also seemed to have an indepth knowledge of what suited me as a client. They recommended the loan which now in retrospect suits me perfectly. Their ability to negotiate with different lenders is a distinct advantage. This leads to more flexibility as far as the client is concerned and not the rigidity associated with some of the big banks.”
Dr Denzil Daniels – Doctor – Queensland (July 2007)

“Buying our first home was one of the most exciting times in our lives. We were fortunate to have ProSolution Private Clients, arrange and manage our finances before, during and after the process. From the start and until settlement, we dealt only with Stuart Wemyss, the Director of ProSolution Private Clients. Stuart is extremely professional, answered all our queries promptly and provided us with the advice to cater to our needs. As we are both professionals working full time, finding the time to research all the different loan packages was not practicable. It was fabulous to have Stuart deal directly with the banks on our behalf to find the lender and loan package suitable for us. In this competitive market, ProSolution Private Clients was able to negotiate for us, a 0.9% discount off the standard variable rate from one of the four major lenders. The services of ProSolution Private Clients are highly recommended to those who want good service and advice, especially to busy people who lack the time to do the research themselves. We have no hesitation in recommending ProSolution Private Clients to our colleagues.”
Mark & Mai – Doctor – Sydney (July 2007)

“We were in a difficult situation having been let down by our own bank. Stuart took on the case and came up with a better deal within a few days and the process flowed smoothly from there. I would definitely recommend ProSolution Private Clients and use them in future. ”
Dr David Simpson – GP- Sydney (July 2007)

“From the very first contact through to settlement I have been highly impressed by Stuart’s prompt response to all my queries. I have always found him very friendly and clear in answering my questions. The reading material provided as part of the initial package was also very informative. ProSolution Private Clients have made the process of selecting the best mortgage for my investment property very smooth, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. ”
Nic – Senior Consultant – Pharmaceutical Industry (June 2007)

“I found Stuart helpful, professional, informative and ethical in the way he ran his business. I felt comfortable with the way he explained everything utilising flow charts and tables tailored to my particular circumstance. He instilled confidence to move ahead with my investment strategies and empowered me to make informed choices that have successfully facilitated my wealth building.”
Ms Susan Hansford – Relationship Manager – Medtronic (May 2007)

2006 Testimonials

“ProSolution Private Clients is the first mortgage broker that I have used to purchase property. They are really responsive and have taken the trouble out of me having to deal with the bank. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and would certainly go through them again for my next purchase.”
Elizabeth Lee – Partner (Lawyer) – (Apr 2006)


We work very hard to earn referrals and they are always treated with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect. We welcome referrals from clients, aligned businesses and professional associations.