Articles in the The Australian Newspaper

Stuart Wemyss was a regular contributor to The Australian newspaper. However, as someone that staunchly believes in independence (particularly, independent financial advice), Stuart made the decision in mid-2021 to no longer contribute to this newspaper, due to concerns with the Murdock family’s lack of independence and its impact on the quality of news.

Here is a list of his articles. You can subscribe to The Australian newspaper here.

23 July 2021 – RBA plan won’t cool property prices because wealthier homeowners are upgrading

23 April 2021 – Normality resumes: Why house prices will move off the boil this year

5 April 2021 – How to play rising property prices while interest rates stay low 

16 March 2021 – As housing cools down, location will be the key

13 February 2021 – Time for national approach: NSW’s stamp duty plans pose problems

30 October 2020 – Investment-grade apartments to reward patient punters

2 October 2020 – Top end of housing market will lead recovery

14 August 2020 – Refinancing can be worth it for the right reasons

28 July 2020 – Opportunity knocks for property investors to optimise access to capital

16 June 2020 – The single biggest factor holding back property

22 May 2020 – Gloomy property projections are overdone

18 May 2020 – Will working from home change the residential property market?

1 May 2020 – Why unemployment scare will not seriously damage property prices

3 April 2020 – Rules of engagement for home office tax claims

28 Feb 2020 – Property no mug’s game when planning to secure retirement

6 Feb 2020 – Older apartments keep their appeal as value buys

13 Dec 2019 – First-home buyers save with First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

6 Dec 2019 – Four things that matter for property investors

27 Sept 2019 – Interest-only loans: what to do now?

24 Aug 2019 – Negative gearing fades but cash flow provides a positive outcome

6 July 2019 – Investors must train sights on properties in low supply, proven demand

11 May 2019 – Property market not geared for Labor negative gearing ban

27 April 2019 – Labor’s tax grab? It’s the capital gains tax, stupid

29 Mar 2019 – Future proofing negatively geared property

15 Mar 2019 – Banks return to property lending after surviving Hayne 

9 Feb 2019 – ALP housing incentive plan not enough to beat capital growth

8 Dec 2018 – Property window of opportunity before Labor comes to power

27 Oct 2018 – Parental guarantee for first-home loans good value

29 Sept 2018 – Property advice: the scandal the royal commission missed

3 Sept 2018 – How property investments face falls under Labor government